Don’t Judge a Sofa by it’s Cover



After many sofas over the years I actually liked this one the best. I think it was the real wood on the front that drew me to it.

One day I noticed the matching love seat was a little off. On closer inspection I felt the back frame was broken.

I couldn’t just leave it like that, so I opened it up in hopes to repair it. I was disappointed to find out that the frame was made mostly of OSB (oriented strand board). I was really sad to see that it was stapled and was not holding together.

Was it repairable? Sure. Was it worth my time and energy? Absolutely Not! And cost of supplies and fabric alone would be more than the sofa would be worth. 

Sorry but this one, unfortunately, was destined for the burn pile. Of course I had to stripe the foam off and bag it for the trash. NEVER BURN FOAM! TOXIC!!  

The back frame was coming apart at the staples. Oh, and check out the support webbing, or lack of it, I should say. 

Is that edge roll? No, I don’t think so! The edge was covered with a thin scrap of dacron. 

At this point I was just disgusted by the poor quality and workmanship that went into this piece of…