Saggy seats can be very uncomfortable especially if you suffer from back pain.
There may be a simple solution. Custom cushion inserts. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make.
You’ll have options from soft to firm and everything in between. Choose a combination for the ultimate comfort.
No more fighting over the most comfortable seat in the room when they all can be amazingly comfy.

Marshall Unit

Marshall units are individually wrapped springs. These can be wrapped in dacron, foam or a down/feather envelope.

Down/Feather envelope or wrap

A down/feather wrap gives you the comfort of down cushions without the need to re fluff after sitting. These can be filled with a foam core, a combination of different density foam, or a marshall unit.


Foam come in many different sizes and density. From very firm to very soft. These foams can be combined in layers or use in combination with other inserts. Shown is the most commonly seen in store bought furniture.


Down/feather pillows are very comfortable but needs to be fluffed from time to time.