Is Reupholstering Worth the Cost?

When Not to Reupholster

Throw Away Furniture

After having owned many sofas over the years, I found that this particular one stood out to me due to its incorporation of real wood on the front. However, my appreciation for the sofa was dampened when I noticed that its matching love seat appeared to be somewhat askew. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the back frame was broken. While I was initially hopeful that I might be able to repair it, I was ultimately disappointed to find that the frame was constructed primarily of oriented strand board (OSB) and stapled together in a manner that was causing it to pull apart.

While the piece was technically reparable, the time and resources required to do so far exceeded its actual value. The costs of supplies and fabric alone would have rendered the undertaking impractical. Consequently, I regretfully deemed it necessary to discard the sofa and loveseat. I took care to strip off the foam and dispose of it in accordance with safety protocols, avoiding any risk of toxicity that might have resulted from burning it.

The staples securing the back frame were failing, causing it to come apart. Additionally, it’s worth noting the insufficient support webbing or lack thereof.

The edge of the arms is not covered with edge roll at all. Instead, it covered by a thin scrap of Dacron.

Upon reaching this pointe, my disappointment had escalated to a state of disgust, owing to the substandard quality and deficient craftsmanship that was evident in this piece of furniture.