Be Informed!

Before you decide whether to buy new furniture or reupholster an antique/vintage piece, this information will help you to be an informed customer.

Todays manufactured furniture has an average  life span of 2 – 5 years.   Most factory built furniture is made on an assembly line, a sofa can be put together in 30 minutes.  The reason?  If manufactures made furniture to last for decades they would soon be out of business.  

A coil spring base in furniture is almost a thing of the past.  High end furniture makers may still offer these and if they do be sure the springs have an 8 way tie. This is important to the life of the piece. 

Teal Tomorrow pays attention to detail.  We use new, high quality material so your piece will last a very long time.  We let you choose what goes into your piece and what goes on the outside.  We will help you with the decision process each step of the way.  

Your Comfort is our Priority

Choose your cushion type

    • Foam (soft, medium or firm) wrapped with dacron
    • foam with down/feather envelope
    • marshal unit (covered coil springs) wrapped in foam, cotton or down
    • down/feather

We are now offering all natural  and organic material for your reupholstery project.  

  • Natural latex foam – made from the sap of the  Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree
  • Premium Wool Batting
  • Certified Organic cotton batting
  • Certified Organic cotton ticking fabric

Choose the fabric

Choose from thousands of high quality fabrics.

    • Have you ever purchased fabric that you love but when you got it home it didn’t fit your decor?  This can be time consuming and frustrating.  At Teal Tomorrow that won’t happen. You’ll have access to sample books that you can browse through in the comfort of your own home or office.  Or you can search my fabric suppliers online.
      •   Barrow Industries
      •   Greenhouse Fabrics
      •   Charlotte Fabrics
      •   Stout Fabric
      •   Sailrite
      •   Fabricut